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Welcome to The Law Office of Huselid & Huselid Law PC. Our experienced team has helped represent thousands of people just like you all throughout Arizona. Ask Huselid & Huselid Law about your charges and we will have an experience attorney reach out to answer you questions.

01. Our History

After graduating from Duke University Zachary Huselid has been committed to the legal profession since 2006. He is committed to fighting for your rights and ...

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02. Our Goal

Aggressive legal defense and an eye for detail is our commitment. We plan to see that your case is carefully gone over by a licensed ...

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03. We Are Here For You

Huselid & Huselid Law is focused on communication and successfully navigating the judicial system. We have found that success comes from teamwork and appreciation for ...

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Personal Injury Oriented

Our primary commitment is to serve as legal advocates for individuals who have experienced personal injury in Arizona. We bring to the table a rich legacy of two generations of legal expertise.

Experienced Attorneys

Huselid & Huselid Law is a father-son team dedicated to helping you with decades of combined experience.

Unparalleled Client Service

We have a relentless commitment to client satisfaction. Our team is proactive, listens well, and aims to exceed expectations in every aspect of your case.

Criminal and Civil

Decades of experience in Criminal and Civil Matters. Huselid and Huselid are a father-son team that bring experience and a history of success to every case we take on.


Huselid & Huselid Law caters to all forms of criminal charges. If you are in trouble with the law or wish to help a family member who is, please reach out. Below is a list of a few of our areas of practice. We can help you with anything from a DUI charge to Federal crimes. Don't hesitate to call and schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys and we will hear your case.

Aggravated Assault Attorney

Phoenix Aggravated Assault Attorney

Arizona classifies assault as either simple or aggravated. While simple ...

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Man handcuffed

Phoenix Drug Possession Lawyer

The United States regulates drug-related offenses on federal and state ...

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Car key on the bar with spilled alcohol

Common DUI Defenses in Arizona

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense with ...

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Phoenix Felony Defense Lawyer

Arizona classifies criminal offenses into felony, misdemeanor, and minor offenses. ...

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Police officer interrogating criminal in handcuffs at desk indoors

Sexual Assault Defenses in Arizona

Sexual assault is a serious crime with an accused person ...

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Phoenix Theft Crime Defense Attorney

A theft involves taking someone else’s property without their permission ...

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Huselid & Huselid Law is a father son team, but their are many more members of the Huselid & Huselid Law family

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Zachary Huselid

Criminal Law, Attorney
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Sevrin Huselid

Founding Partner, Attorney

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